[Inter Bee 2015 TV] Yokogawa Digital Computer master-integrated monitoring system [ICMS-T3 Series] on display. Making comparison and monitoring of TS and baseband possible.

2015.11.26 UP

Yokogawa Digital Computer exhibited their new master-integrated monitoring system 'ICMS-T3 Series'. This product is due to be released on sale in February of next year, with shipping scheduled to begin in May. The same company have added a baseband monitoring function to their 'ICMS Series' TS monitoring device, expanding the range of functions available on a single master-integrated monitoring system to include monitoring, simultaneous recording and malfunction analysis. Every master-based monitoring device has been integrated into a single system, which has also made it possible to compare TS and baseband at the same time as monitoring, and to detect device failures and content defects during the transition from TS to baseband.
Up to 16 channels of TS and HD-SI signals can be monitored using a single device. Comparative monitoring can be performed on every aspect, including network, local, 12-segment, 1-segment, AIR, and so on.
Moreover, a diverse range of functions including not only video and audio, but also subtitles, ANC, PSI/SI, data broadcast and loudness, are encompassed. Intra-station control signals and commercial message verification signals are also supported.
Since all monitored aspects are recorded simultaneously, it is possible to analyze errors based on the simultaneously recorded data corresponding to monitored aspects. It has also become possible to analyze points which are not simultaneously recorded, such as reserve systems, network sending and network receipt. Furthermore, ultra-long term simultaneous recording functions have been included by adding multipoint simultaneous recording functions, NAS, and LTO6.