Inter BEE 2014: Yamaha – Showcasing 2015 Release of the New CL/QL Series Version 3.0 Digital Mixer and Nuendo 6.5 High-End Audio Production System

2014.11.12 UP

New QL Series digital mixer

New QL Series digital mixer

NUAGE DAW system

NUAGE DAW system

(Left) STM M28 NEXO flagship speaker, (right) new GEO M6 speaker

(Left) STM M28 NEXO flagship speaker, (right) new GEO M6 speaker

Sonic Port Series next-generation audio interface, supporting iOS

Sonic Port Series next-generation audio interface, supporting iOS

Yamaha Music Japan (Pro Audio, #1216) has further strengthened synergy with its group companies Steinberg and NEXO, and exhibited live sound products from Line 6, a newly added member to the Yamaha Group this year. Each brand's product group is linked through an advanced digital audio network to provide an ideal comprehensive solution, covering "sound, from entrance to exit", all the way from live sound to broadcast and through to post-production.
(Photo above: 2015 Release New CL/QL Series Version 3.0 Digital Mixer)

■ Reference Exhibit: 2015 Release New CL/QL Series Version 3.0 Digital Mixer
 There are four exhibitor brands. One of these, the Yamaha brand, exhibited the new QL Series digital mixer, including the new CL/QL Series Version 3.0 digital mixer system planned for release in 2015, aimed at providing the best solutions for customers across a variety of markets.
 In addition, it also exhibited other new products, including the RMio64-D I/O rack, MG Series third generation analog mixer classic series, DBR Series powered speaker, CBR Series speaker, and MA2030/PA2030 power-up for small commercial facilities.

- QL Series
 This all-in-one digital mixing console is condensed from the elements that form the core of the high-end CL Series models. It is equipped with processing functions capable of producing versatile and highly pure, natural sounds. It achieves smooth operation with its Touch and Turn functionality. Equipped as standard with the Dan Dugan automatic mixer and providing standard support for Dante, it is scalable, with the ability to adapt to large-scale and small-scale systems.

- CL/QL Series Version 3.0
 A number of features needed for broadcast and live sound have been added. As features mainly intended for broadcast, it is equipped with 5.1 Surround Panning/Monitoring, classic compressor for broadcasters and recording studios, and Buss Comp 369 modeled with VCM Technology. New features mainly for live sound were added to improve the operator's operating environment, including 8 band PEQ and a Real Time Analyzer. In addition, the CL Series is newly equipped with a Dugan automatic mixer. It should be noted that these products were reference exhibits. The official release is scheduled for 2015.

- RMio64-D
 This product supports Dante/MADI conversion and can be utilized for a broad range of applications, from live sound and broadcast to post-production. Its MADI input/output is equipped with SRC and enables interconnectivity between systems with different word clocks. It supports a 192 kHz sampling frequency and achieves high compatibility with Nuage systems. It also supports redundancy connections with Dante/MADI ports. Release is scheduled for December 2014.

- MG Series
 This analog mixer features a rich lineup from 6 channels to 20 channels. There is a UX model, equipped with SPX multi-effects and USB audio interface functionality, and a standard model. It achieves high sound quality with its D-PRE discrete Class-A mic pre-amp that employs an inverted Darlington circuit. It is equipped with a 1-knob comp that enables complex processing with a single knob.

- DBR Series
This powered portable speaker carries on the technology of the DSR/DXR series and achieves light-weight compactness, high sound quality, and high sound pressure. By combining the newly designed Class-D amp and high resistance input speaker unit, it achieves 1,000 W output and 132 dB SPL (Peak) high sound pressure (DBR15). With FIR-X tuning, it achieves high sound quality with excellent resolution. It supports various applications, such as floor monitor and hanging installations.

- CBR Series
 This portable SR speaker achieves high sound quality with its high-quality speaker unit and smooth constant directivity horn. It achieves high sound pressure with its highly reliable HF protection circuit and high resistance input LF unit. It supports various applications, such as floor monitor and hanging installations.

- MA2030/PA2030
 This robust Class-D power amp is compact and suited for small-scale commercial spaces. Its features include a user interface that is simple to setup and operate. It also enables switching between low-impedance (3Ω/4Ω) and high impedance (100v line / 70v line). The MA2030 is equipped with a feedback suppressor, ducker, and auto-leveler.

■ The latest Nuendo 6.5, Steinberg's flagship high-end audio production system
 From the Steinberg brand, the WaveLab 8.5 classic waveform editing/mastering tool and UR Series audio interface were exhibited, focusing on the Nuendo 6.5 high-end audio production system and the NUAGE hardware from which it derives its maximum potential.

- Nuendo 6.5
 Nuendo 6.5 has a revamped mix console and high-end channel strip, and is equipped with the IOSONO Anymix Pro cutting-edge surround plug-in. In addition, it is equipped with an ADR system optimized for voice recording and dubbing. Its audio post-production work environment has been greatly enhanced with the integration of a loudness measurement feature, installation of Voxengo Curve EQ -an interface with further accelerated editing-, MemZap functionality, and Pro Sound Effects post-production library.

 This DAW system was created through collaboration between Steinberg and Yamaha. Its strengths include a great sense of integration with the Nuendo DAW software and high operability. It employs Dante for its sound transmission standards. It has a component-based structure that enables flexible combinations to suit various systems environments. It also includes various new features to meet the needs of post-production, such as Nuendo 6.5 function control and ProTools interactivity. It also enables a high level of connectivity with Yamaha equipment, such as the R series and AD8HR remote control.

- WaveLab 8.5
 Using standard OS folders, WaveLab 8.5 is capable of doing audio file processing and rendering through automated offline processing via drag-and-drop. It is also capable of simultaneous rendering in multiple audio file formats. In addition, it can conduct A/B/C comparisons without sound quality latency through settings and codecs such as MP3, AAC, and OGG Vorbis. It also supports direct exporting to AAC format, supported by Apple products such as iTunes, iPhone, and iPad.

- UR Series
 This USB 2.0 audio interface was developed jointly by Steinberg and Yamaha. Its product lineup consists of four models suited to different applications. It enables high-quality D-PRE mic pre-amps and latency-free monitoring.

■ Announcement of new module in NEXO's flagship speaker, the STM Series
 The NEXO brand's exhibition centered on the new module STM M28 in the STM Series of NEXO's flagship speakers, which are suited to a wide variety of applications with high flexibility and scalability to support venues from hundreds of people to tens of thousands of people, as well as on its new GEO M6 speaker that condenses NEXO's technology into a compact cabinet.

- STM M28
 This omni-module maximizes the STM Series' superb scalability. It supports a wide range of sizes, from downfills for large-scale systems to main arrays for small and medium-scale systems. With HRW™ GEO technology, it achieves optimal coupling of high-frequency ranges. In addition, it employs a Ketone Polymer diaphragm (2.5" x 2) equipped with low distortion and high durability in high-frequency ranges, and a high-excursion driver (8" x 2) in the low-frequency range. It achieves excellent sound pressure in a compact unit.

- GEO M6
 This model is suitable for any application with excellent acoustic performance for permanent or temporary installation. There are two models: the GEO M620 full-range module and GEO M6B low-frequency extension module. A rich variety of options are available to support line arrays, pole mounts, wall mounts, and truss rigging. The unique rigging system achieves a safe rigging mechanism that does not depend upon enclosure strength.

■ Exhibition of Line 6 products including the Sonic Port Series next-generation audio interface
 The Line 6 brand exhibited a variety of recording products, including the StageScape M20d innovative smart mixing system, the StageSource Series powerful speaker system offering studio quality sound, live sound products such as the XD-V Series 2.4 GHz band digital wireless system which balances operational simplicity with excellent sound quality, the POD Studio Series audio interface offering professional quality recording, and the Sonic Port Series next generation audio interface with support for iOS and PCs.

- Sonic Port Series
 This professional quality next-generation interface supports both iOS and PCs. Equipped with an internal stereo and mono condenser microphone, it enables recordings of live performances with excellent clarity. It supports guitar/bass input, stereo line input, headphone output, and stereo output. By using a USB power supply, it enables powering of iOS devices and sustained mobile recording.

■ High Volume Demonstration at the 50th commemorative Inter Bee Experience event
 The company will also exhibit at the 50th commemorative Inter Bee Experience event to be held on Thursday, November 20th at 10:30 in the Makuhari Messe Event Hall. This will be the first hands-on demonstration of hanging line speakers from the participating acoustics companies at an exhibition in Japan. This high volume demonstration will enable to experience the performance of the speakers across the event hall's vast space.
 This will be a two-part event. In the first part, there will be a line array speaker demonstration of NEXO's flagship STM Series speakers. The demonstration is planned from 2:50 pm - 3:20 pm.
 In the second part, there will be an Anniversary Live Party of live entertainment originating from Japan and aimed for the rest of the world, created in collaboration with Rhizomatiks, a content creator that has been the subject of national and international attention. The CL Series and STM Series digital mixing consoles will be used at the venue. The demonstration is planned for 5:40 pm - 7:40 pm. Entry is free but registration is required (for both Session 1 and Session 2).

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