Inter BEE 2014 TV: Media Global Links shows off new MDX4090 IP video router with 96 10Gbps ports for broadcaster core networks

2015.1.25 UP


 Media Global Links focused their Inter BEE 2014 exhibition on a "FULL IP Broadcasting Perfect Delivery SDN" under the theme of “Networked Media.” Their IP video router system can handle a wide variety of content including baseband signals, TS streaming, and MXF files, all over a centralized IP network.
 The system’s core strength is its IP video routers, which can reroute a broadcaster’s existing mainstay network to IP on the same axle, making them the nucleus of network control and architecture. Best of these is the new MDX4090 IP video router model equipped with 96 10Gbps ports. In the exhibition hall, Media Global Links also demonstrated an IP monitoring system developed in collaboration with NHK.
 The company also exhibited the new MDP3010 monitor style IP decoder for internal IP systems, and demonstrated a system for software-based centralized management of IP networks inside and outside of the broadcast station.