Inter BEE 2015 TV Yamaki Electric exhibits PVM-M108S surround-sound audio monitors

2015.11.19 UP



 Yamaki Electric exhibited its new PVM-M108S surround-sound audio monitor at its booth in Inter BEE 2015 (Booth No. 1618). Also making their debut were Yamaki's YVM-M102S 1U-rackmount surround level meter w/ analog VU meter, as well as its VUM-DF02-B and more. Yamaki's numerous famed VU monitors & loudness meters, as well as posters, were also on display.
 The PVM-M108S level meter series features eight-channel level meters that display the input voice levels on a bar graph on a 10-point LED. Data entry is in HD-SDI/SD-SDI (multi-format); the device is equipped with buffered HD-SDI/SD-SDI, audio demultiplexer, and selector channel line output. Users can also monitor optional channel audio through monitor speakers and headphones.