Inter BEE 2014 TV: Tanizawa Seisakusho: Reference exhibit of simplified matrix mixer and headset for television relay set use; Equipped with features such as 8x8 connections for simultaneous sharing, and line switching for rehearsal/live filming

2014.11.21 UP

Matrix mixer8×8
Triotalk type IN-ME018

Triotalk type IN-ME018

Tanizawa Seisakusho exhibited their latest set communication technology at Inter BEE 2014. In their booth, they had a reference exhibit of “Teamtalk 2,” a portable simplified matrix mixer for temporary relay set bases that will be compatible with local set conditions, taking the idea of a "'easy to use wireless' devices customized for the unique uses of the industry” as the theme. This includes special functions that are specific to broadcasting sets and on-location sets where there is a need to “set up a communication link with small and light devices for live broadcasts of typhoons or other broadcasts that are urgent and have few people,” “Connect two mobile handsets and locally adjust the volume of the ‘-1’ or ‘base station,’” or “Transmit over long distances such as golf courses, outdoors concerts, or marathons, etc.”

"Teamtalk 2" has an 8x8 matrix mixer so that input and output can be understood at a glance. It can establish a communication link with the -1 from the base or the base station through two mobiles handsets. The volume can also be adjusted individually. As the line from a wired additional headset can be split into a reporter and a technical staff line, the sound feed can be switched during live filming or rehearsal.

Further, a mobile handset can be connected with a base station and two additional handsets in order to share all communications with the home base with all members using the Mobile Adaptor Triotalk-type “IN-ME018” for communication during IP relays. One handset among them can also send and receive communications. Three people can simultaneously communicate by pressing the transmit button. These will be able to the replace the specialized mobile handsets each individual has had to carry around up until now.

Tanizawa Seisakusho additionally displayed their interactive simultaneous communication system “Chibi-com 722-type IN-AN003”, a product that caters to the need to allow the receiver to return messages to confirm communications, and the desire to increase the available distance of bidirectional transmissions.

It has been shown to be functional at a distance of 600m with a clear line of view and an antenna at a high location. Also available is a “Chibi-Com 722-type” base station compatible handset capable of unlimited base station connections and transmission via a switch.

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