【Inter BEE 2012】 OTARITEC presents a range of new products from around the world: offerings from Germany's d&b audiotechnik and LAWO, as well as British firm xta

2012.11.7 UP

The LM4, a 4-channel loudness control processor
The latest version of LAWO's mc² 56 digital console

The latest version of LAWO's mc² 56 digital console

OTARITEC (Pro audio section, booth #4409) to exhibit a wide range of new products ― far more than in years prior.
 On display will be the V-Series, the latest talked-about product from German firm d&b audiotechnik, specialist in SR and facilities speakers. In addition, British firm xta's new DS8000, a mic/line distributer, will be on view.
 Germany's Junger Audio, a maker of digital processors, will provide OTARITEC with the LM2-JS, a 2-channel loudness control processor customized for Japan. Also on view will be the LM4, a 4-channel loudness control processor designed for production environments.
 In addition to these offerings, Junger Audio will feature a range of other loudness control products. Those seeking automated loudness control and management should not miss this lineup.
 LAWO out of Germany is a maker of digital console systems that are in wide use throughout Japan and overseas. Their products have been installed at broadcast networks worldwide and used at numerous large-scale events. The latest version of their mc² 56, ideal for use in confined and space-limited environments like broadcast vans, will be on display for its first time in Japan. Its external appearance has undergone a major makeover, and the overall unit has been overhauled to become a modern broadcast console for today's workflows.
 Hailing from Finland will be a product from Genelec, a well-known manufacturer of monitor speakers. Their DSP system will be used in a live sound demonstration. In addition, OTARI's LWB series of fiber-optic wiring systems, already in use for on-location filming throughout Japan, will be on view. Finally, Germany's Riedel offers the MediorNet, a fiber-based signal transport system, as well as a customized, kanji-friendly control panel for the 1100 series of digital matrix intercoms.

Inter BEE 2012
Inter BEE is a professional expo for audio, video, and communications professionals, featuring the latest in domestic and overseas broadcast devices, video devices, audio devices, lighting, IPTV, Mobile TV, crossmedia, and related applications and solutions under one roof. The event provides an opportunity to see the latest trends in the creative and media businesses and is ideal for all people involved in the media industry.
Inter BEE will be held from November 14th (Wednesday) through 16th (Friday) 2012 at Makuhari Messe. Admission is free.