Exhibition of the animation viewing series "Monet" in the "FIT EAR" brand of ear monitors for individuals that are produced by taking a mold of their ears

2012.12.6 UP

Suyama Dental Laboratory manufacture custom ear monitors that fit individuals by taking a mold of their ears in the ""FIT EAR"" brand. Traditionally, these products were supplied as commercial ear monitors for music events, but in recent years, there range of usage has been extended to include video production sites and applications for listening to music.

At this event, there was a display of ""FIT EAR Monet"" for animations as a new trial for listening to music. This product is based on commercial use and possesses flat characteristics in a wide bandwidth with a design that is especially suitable for enjoying songs. Mr. Keita Suyama, the president of the company, said the following about ""Monet.""

In animations in the past, there were extravagant configurations using orchestras. Moreover, recently, there has been a great deal of elaborate music. Monet maintains a high resolution so that it is possible to enjoy the characteristics of such extensive musical compositions. A balance is secured that is like you are listening with speakers to have a sense of the depth of the sounds.