Exhibition of the MXF system "mxf SPEEDRAIL" manufactured by MOG and the real time 3DCG device "Avid Motion Graphics"

2012.12.25 UP

TOTSU INTERNATIONAL exhibited the file-based ingest/digest system ""mxf SPEEDRAIL"" from MOG that supplies MXF tools as SDK to many manufacturers and the ""Avid Motion Graphics Editing System"" announced at the NAB Show 2012 by AVID.

""mxf SPEEDRAIL"" integrates each component required in file-based workflows into a single platform and so provides ideal file-based solutions. It is possible to increase the efficiency of file-based work that until now used an editing system

Compared to conventional products, it is possible to generate two wrappers at the same time with one codec and to generate files simultaneously for two storages. This comes with a play-out function among others for ingest and digest from a file-base. There are four types available: The ""S Series"" with an ingest function to convert SDI video to files, the ""F Series"" that has a file format conversion function, the ""O Series"" with a digest function of output to play-out and servers and the ""P Series"" which has SDI output for files.

""Avid Motion Graphics,"" announced at the NAB Show 2012 by AVID, is 3DCG animation graphics that uses the technology of Brainstorming. This enables real time rendering. Real time rendering is possible by easily creating animations that have been produced until now with nonlinear editing machines and CG tools.