[Inter BEE 2015 TV] Panasonic 4K Camcorder with integrated lens "AG-DVX200" Supports multiple formats in high resolution at 4K/24fps, UHD/60fps, and FHD/60fps

2015.11.19 UP


At Panasonic's booth for its Panasonic System Networks (Booth #2612), the world's first 4/3-type large format sensor-equipped 4K camcorder with integrated lens, the "AG-DVX200" will be displayed. This product condenses the company's digital video technology with professional camcorder expertise, cultivated over the course of many years in the broadcast equipment field.
With beautiful shallow focus bokeh images captured by the 4/3 type large format sensor, and a V-log L gamma curve that allows for 12 stops of dynamic range - giving you video that provides more expression and latitude, this newly equipped 4K engine for fast processing makes multiple formats such as 4K/24fps, UHD/60fps, and FHD/60fps possible in high resolution. What's more, it is equipped with such high end features as FHD/120fps VFR(variable framerate), and dual codec recording, to support a variety of video production needs. The lens is a newly developed LEICA DICOMAR 4K with 13x zoom range. With high speed and highly precise fully automatic features together with manual controls that provide welcome familiarity for professional users, this product displays a combination of operability and mobility only possible with an integrated lens model.