Yokogawa Digital Computer Corporation exhibits integrated TS/SDI monitoring system for broadcast use at Inter Bee 2014 TV, with new real-time loudness monitoring function

2015.1.26 UP

TS/SDI integrated monitoring system ICMS-T2 series

Yokogawa Digital Computer Corporation exhibited a TS/SDI integrated monitoring system as a new option in its ICMS-T2 series at its Inter BEE 2014 booth. The company also exhibited other products such as an earthquake early warning generator, a new type of ISDB-T waveform monitor, a new descrambler, and a professional tuner "Xancia".

The TS/SDI integrated monitoring system ICMS-T2 monitors signals, including the video, audio, text and ancillary data contained in the TS (transport stream) and SDI (serial digital interface), and compares them simultaneously. With one TS and SDI unit, comparison can be made at two locations and 12 seg and one seg signals can also be compared. Also, video signals with varying quality, such as commercials, can be determined by means of higher order control. The system also has simultaneous recording functionality, where eight channels of combined TS and SDI signals can be recorded for a period of seven days, enabling subsequent verification. This is a ground-breaking product that performs all conventional monitoring functions in one unit. A real-time loudness monitoring function has also been added.