Inter BEE 2015 TV: Tanizawa Seisakusho exhibits the Team Talk 2, its new portable matrix -- 8x8 functionality in the portable format of a 4x3 matrix mixer

2015.11.17 UP

The new Team Talk 2, a portable matrix

For Inter BEE 2015, ongoing from 11/18 through 11/20 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Tanizawa Seisakusho is exhibiting the Team Talk 2, its new portable matrix.

This unit incorporates the functionality of an 8x8 matrix mixer in a 4x3 formfactor. It supports PGM input with XLR3 and DC5-15V with XLR4. The separately-sold extension box adds 4W I/O ports.

This unit is suited to IP relay connections, which are on the rise today. When reporters and directors must communicate simultaneously but there is no place to install equipment, this portable unit comes to the fore.

It features two wireless mobile phone connections -- one for the technical team and one for the reporter. Sending the relay and N-1 over two lines allows the reporters and technical team to communicate separately during rehearsals and live events. Switch control is available on a per-role basis. Moreover, since this unit is hand-carried and not permanently installed, it is designed to be as lightweight and small as possible. Power input is 12 volts or batteries. This is a matrix born out of real users' on-site needs.