[Inter BEE 2013 TV] CTCSP The Future of Video Ecosystems Showcases The General Release of Elemental 4K/HEVC Encoding Systems

2013.11.14 UP



CTCSP Corporation (booth 8301) is introducing the 4K/HEVC image processing based systems for live and on-demand video made by US company Elemental Technologies.
The Elemental®Live 4Kp30/HEVC live encoder will be shown as part of the system workflow designed by CTCSP for the trial of the world's first 4K/HEVC live stream and public viewing that was achieved with the successful capture of the Osaka 2013 marathon on October 27, 2013. 4K source material acquired from a Sony 4K camera is input via baseband interface (4 channels 3G-SDI) for realtime encoding by the Elemental Live encoder (prototype), achieving real time 4Kp30/HEVC encoding in a single appliance, with playback via a Toshiba 4K display.
 The Elemental ®Server 4Kp60/HEVC file encoder shows the great picture quality used in the 4K H.265/HEVC Over Flet's Broadband Technology introduced by NTT West at the IMC Tokyo 2013 and NTT Group Collection 2013. Visitors can also experience HEVC image quality for multi-screens in tablets and other devices.