Video Content Information Navigation Application: "Erabeler"

2012.11.16 UP

PLAT-EASE is exhibiting their ""Erabeler"" video content information navigation application, ""REPOMO"" audience rating and comprehensive analysis tool, and ""Recommended Program Information Service"" CATV universal portal.
 The video content information navigation application ""Erabeler"" is planned to start from the end of December. Interesting subscription-based programs are also introduced to non-subscribers, and the method for viewing is explained to encourage people to subscribe.
 There are 100 program information items per month. Various programs from different channels are introduced. It is possible to share by SNS. It is possible to register to a calendar to give a reminder for viewing.
 A FaceBook page is also opened.
 A remote control function is included so that channels can be switched by selecting the channel logo.
 ""REPOMO"" is a service for analyzing audience ratings and audience trends. It is possible to acquire viewing logs for CATV stations throughout Japan for comparing and analyzing competitive channels. The viewer trend log is the first such function available in the industry.
 On the real time summery screen, audience rating movement is displayed every 15 seconds. It is good for managing live broadcasts. It is possible to change a product while checking the audience ratings for shopping programs.
 It is possible to acquire RAW data for channels or cable stations, and to output various analysis data.
 The ""Recommended Program Information Service"" is a service that uses the cable TV STB portal menu. Programs are introduced according to genre from different channels.
 Program details can be viewed, and videos are also used for introduction, so viewing can be induced visually.