Inter BEE 2014 TV: Exhibition by "Pond5" from NY, USA, promoting its stock media market/submission website. Now provides an interface with Adobe Premiere Pro

2014.11.21 UP

The Pond5 website's video clip overview screen
Marketing and events manager Steve Penafiel (left) and Marketing coordinator Gilles Devicq

Marketing and events manager Steve Penafiel (left) and Marketing coordinator Gilles Devicq

 For 3 days, from Wednesday the 19th to Friday the 21st of November 2014, Pond5 (headquarters: New York, USA) promoted their internally developed stock media market and submission website, "Pond5", at their booth (booth 61061) at InterBEE 2014, held at the Makuhari Messe.

-Full of royalty free media, even including 4K and RAW data
 Pond5 Inc exhibited their "Pond5" stock media market and submission website, which sells royalty free video footage, photographs and music. Using Pond5, creators and musicians can submit photographs, video, illustrations, 3D images, and music, and are free to set their own prices, taking 50% of the sales as royalties. At present, over 800,000 people have registered to the site and the registered materials include approximately 3,000,000 videos, 11,000,000 photographs, and 180 illustrations. Marketing and events manager Steve Penafiel explained that "there are lifestyle videos, motion backgrounds, video effects, and 4K videos", and that there were 110,000 4K videos and 3000 RAW data entries.

- Pre-purchase previews in Adobe Premiere Pro
 Pond5 are preparing an interface where items can be previewed in Adobe Premiere Pro before purchase. While the previewed videos are of a low resolution, a high bitrate can be used after the purchase. Also, the preview version can be used free of charge.

- Japanese site planned for launch in January of next year
 Regarding their aims for exhibiting at this year's Inter BEE, Steve Penafiel explained that "At present, 3000 Japanese people have registered with us, but we are here promoting the site so we can expand into the Japanese market. We are at work building the Japanese site, and the site we're presenting here is the beta site. We plan to open the Japanese site officially in January next year".

-Pond5 Inc-
Headquarters: 80 Fifth Ave New York, NY 10011
Exhibitions division/hall/Section code: ICT/cross media division/hall 6/6106

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