【Inter BEE 2015 TV】IDX Company shows 7.2V batteries for Panasonic camcorders. X-TAP and USB ports also provided to power the camera's peripherals.

2015.11.18 UP

V-mount batteries

At Inter BEE 2015, IDX Company (Video and Broadcast Equipment, Hall 5, Booth 5312) showed batteries, chargers, battery accessories such as plates, wireless video transmission system, and monitors.
The SL-VBD64 and SL-VBD96 7.2V batteries for Panasonic camcorders have built-in X-TAP and USB ports to power peripherals besides the camera itself. They make it easy to use Panasonic's memory cards and AG-DVX200 and AJ-PX270 camcorders. The SL-VBD96 attached to the AG-DVX200 enables over 4 hours of continuous shooting.
 X-TAP is IDX Company's original external OUT port. It can supply power up to 20 W to a 7.2V video light or other accessory. The USB port can supply up to 5 VDC/1.5A. It can supply power to a tablet displaying the script or progress chart or to IDX's CW-1 wireless video transmitter. Even with peripherals attached, the weight can be minimized for shooting.
The DUO-190HC and DUO-95HC batteries in the new V-mount feature a compact size and high capacity. They use the latest battery cell enabling a high capacity in a compact size. They also have two D-TAP ports and one USB port (5 VDC/2A) to expand the possibilities. They will go on sale in April.
The DUO-190HC enables long shooting times with 4K cinematic camcorders that consume a lot of power and with camera systems that have peripherals that need to be powered. Compared to current battery packs having the same capacity, the battery size is much smaller and the battery is easier to handle.