【Inter BEE 2013】Canal Works: Custom 100% Made in Japan Professional Grade In-Ear Monitors, Built Just For You in About 3 Weeks

2013.11.21 UP

Sample of professional custom in-ear monitors

Sample of professional custom in-ear monitors

Canal Works showed its custom-made professional in-ear monitors at Inter BEE 2013. Canal Works provided generic universal models at its booth, allowing users to experience how different they are from existing products. (Pictured above is a sample of professional custom in-ear monitors.)

■"Just For You" Headphones Fit Perfectly
 An in-ear monitor is a type of headphone, custom-made to fit the shape of a person's ear. They are mainly used by artists on stage to check the performance audio.
 Unlike standard earphones, they fit right to a person's ear to provide a high degree of sound insulation. Audio can be heard without obstruction from outside noise even in a loud environment.

■Ready in 3 Weeks For Your Specific Application, Environment
 The main products on display were the 2way/3driver CW-M11, the 3way/4driver CW-M32 and the 3way/6driver CW-M51a. All the drivers are balanced armature type. The impedance and sensitivity are 34Ω/110dB, 24Ω/113dB, and 20Ω/109dB respectively. Cable length is 127cm (standard). The plugs are 3.5mm stereo mini-plugs (L shape). Each product comes with accessories such as hard or soft cases.
 To begin the manufacturing process, first the user's ear type is identified. This can be done with a house call. There are manufacturing programs that only a professional service can provide, including detailed adjustment of the fitting at the shell production stage. As the staff explain, "We don't simply fit the earphone to the ear, we also inquire about whether the user will be a vocalist or an engineer, or whether there will be a lot of movement, to make sure we make the most appropriate shape."
 Manufacture takes approximately 3 weeks. All production is done within Japan, making it "100% Made in Japan". The base price of the CW-M11 is ¥115,500 (tax included), ¥136,500 (tax included) for the CW-M32 and ¥162,750 (tax included) for the CW-M51. As they are order made, depending on user request there may be additional charges. The CW-M11 and CW-M51 are already available. Sale of the CW-M32 will start within the year.

■Superfine, Inconspicuous "Stealth Cables" On Sale At Year-end
 Canal Works also showed its Stealth Cables as an in-ear monitor accessory. These superfine replacement cables will go on sale within the year. The cables are very fine, only 0.9mm thick, allowing them to go unnoticed on stage or on TV.
 The cable is made from reinforced aramid fibers coated in silver for sound quality, arranged in a multicore construction with 6 lines of 7 fibers each (a total of 42 fibers). Though superfine, they resist knacks and stretching. The cable is 127cm. The projected price is ¥11,000 (including tax).

Canal Works HQ: Wada 1-33-4, Higashi Tokorozawa, Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama 359-0023