【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Adobe Systems introduce the latest features of Creative Cloud, including Premiere Pro Full 4K workflow functionality including compatibility with 4K/59.94p output and all types of RAW data

2013.11.15 UP

Adobe Creative Cloud

 Adobe Systems (booth 8502) is introducing the latest features of the 'Creative Cloud' suite of video production tools, beginning with 'Premiere Pro', which has taken the top share in the Japanese video production industry.
In addition to the new ability to output in 4K/59.94p, which is necessary for 4K workflows, the software also has native compatibility with the latest 4K formats, such as Sony RAW, XAVC, XAVC S, Canon 1D C, Cinema DNG, Phantom Cine, and RED Dragon (6K). Moreover, Adobe has met the demands of color expression by implementing a seamless interface between editing and color grading. Get the latest information on the spot about 'Creative Cloud', which continues to evolve for the fast-changing video production industry.