(Inter BEE 2015 TV) First Exhibit by Veteran Broadcasting and Communications Equipment Company Kato Denki Founded in 1948 Demonstrates Small Rotator Capable of IP Control "KP06-8 Parabolic Rotator"

2015.11.26 UP

KP06-8 Parabolic Rotator

Kato Denki Industries has operated for 67 years as a company focused on development, manufacturing, and maintenance in a variety of broadcast and communications fields including television, radio, FM, and wireless stations, parabolic and Yagi antenna rotation equipment, satellite communications, television community listening, CATV, mobile communications as well as steel towers, antennas, station buildings, and communications facilities.
This year was the company's first time presenting an exhibit at Inter BEE. Their booth focused on displaying and demonstrating the company's developed and commercialized FPU rotating equipment.
The small IP controllable rotating device, the "KP06-8 Parabolic Rotator," was traditionally operable only through a control board, but can now be controlled via IP, leading to lowered installation cost at the base station. Mounted with a 0.9m diameter antenna and compatible with electrolyte tracking, the rotator boasts the same features as large scale versions.