[Inter BEE 2016 TV] DX Antenna demos "DX Multicast" IPDC information service; provides emergency and disaster info, sightseeing info services, parking space availability info, and more

2016.11.24 UP

"DX Multicast" disaster prevention/social welfare information system

At their exhibit at Inter BEE 2016, DX Antenna showed solutions they can provide in a number of areas, presented as the themes "4K/8K-compatible products," "suggestions for a more comfortable living environment," "community and regional disaster prevention," and "offerings for the new automobile society."

•4K/8K-compatible products offered by DX Antenna
The exhibition brought all of DX Antenna's latest lineup of 4K/8K-compatible products under one roof, including receivers that operate at 3224 MHz, as well as measuring equipment. The company offers system designs that are ready for the 4K/8K era.
•Suggestions for a more comfortable living environment
In addition to wireless intercoms, wireless cameras, and LED sensor lights, DX Antenna offers building-wide internet connections that work through existing television wiring (coaxial cable). The company also introduced a number of other devices that support a more comfortable living environment, including their their coaxial modems that give users a simple way to enjoy 4K internet videos from their TVs, and the "DX Media Socket," which allows users to enjoy terrestrial digital TV from smartphones and tablets.
•Community and regional disaster prevention
Solutions in this area include simultaneous transmission of IP data using a cable television network. DX Antenna introduced their new broadcasting service that uses IPDC technology to provide emergency information and notifications. In normal situations, this system can transmit regional and government information. In emergency situations, TV screens are automatically switched over to emergency information such as Earthquake Early Warnings (forecasts).
"DX Multicast" is a service that uses IPDC technology. It embeds IP data within standard broadcast signals in order to make use of existing cable TV systems and broadcasts. It can be used to send out emergency information such as Earthquake Early Warnings and fire info.
Linking with Times for parking lots, the system can also provide parking space info to car-share vehicles that have Times. It has also been used to transmit tourist information in partnership with TV.Shinshu, with the use of narrowcasting (UHF waves). At EXPO CITY in Osaka, it provides information on the Ferris wheel and on events. DX Antenna used panels to give demos of real-world applications such as these.

•Offerings for the new automobile society
DX Antenna also profiled their latest efforts in this area, including car navigation systems, digital parking lot signage services, and a new data transmission service for rolling stock that uses V-Low waves (currently in proof-of-concept stage).

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