Inter BEE 2013 TV: Studer Japan exhibited Vista 5 digital mixer’s latest version, M3, featuring a built-in RTQ TM7 loudness system, as well as a software upgrade of its auto-mixing function and more

2013.11.15 UP

Vista 5 M3

Hibino Group’s Studer Japan exhibited their Vista 5 M3, the latest version of the Vista 5 compact digital mixer. The Vista 5 evolved into the M2 through the addition of new functionality as needed over the six years following its release. This new version, the M3, features loudness metering, an essential feature for broadcasters. Built-in as standard is the RTW TM7 loudness system from the company RTW. FaderGlow, which allows a total of nine colors to be assigned to any faders of the user’s choosing, is included as a standard feature.
The M3 incorporates an auto-mixing function called “VistaMix” via a software upgrade. This feature makes it possible to automatically turn up the speaker’s mic in conversational talk shows.