【Inter BEE 2015 TV】Mitsubishi Electric Corporation "Next-generation Video Transmission System Solutions" included HEVC/H.265 technologies and products conforming to the DVB-S2X modulation standard.

2015.11.26 UP

HDTV High-speed Modem
HEVC Codec

HEVC Codec



Based on the theme of "Next-generation Video Transmission System Solutions," Mitsubishi Electric Corporation showed its latest video compression technologies (HEVC/H.265), their latest products incorporating a modulation standard technology (DVB-S2X) effective for use with satellite circuitry, and next-generation video transmission systems comprising the above products.
The major products exhibited were as follows:

VM-2000E/D (New)
Compatible with HEVC/H.265 video encoding.
Single-frame time class, ultra-delay transmission enabled.
Space-saving 1U half-rack mounting size.

MS8300TX/RX (New)
Enables 64APSK and 5% rolloff rate.
1U half rack mount size saves space.
Totally compatible with older models.

SX-6100 (New)
Uses GaN (Gallium Nitride).
SSPA (Solid Sate Power Amplifier) ensures high output and excellent linearity.
High output and low distortion (Rated 100W IM3: -25dBc or less) attained.

Other products displayed included the helicopter satellite communication system (Helicopter SAT System), millimeter wave communication system, and the latest weather system.