Inter BEE 2016 TV: VRI Japan demos 4K disk recorder D-Stream 4K

2016.11.25 UP

Karisma D-Stream LT multiformat disk recorder
KarismaCG HD Hybrid editing workflow

KarismaCG HD Hybrid editing workflow

VisualCG & Baseball-corder

VisualCG & Baseball-corder

 VRI Japan shared a booth with Japan Material at Inter BEE 2016 where they demonstrated their new HD hybrid editing workflow. The new workflow uses the KarismaCG character generator linked with a D-Stream timeline to eliminate rendering work. The shared timeline enables two telop operators to work concurrently together, shortening labor hours.

 The new D-Stream LT multiformat disk recorder can do the work of two VTR's and provides full support for Sony editing machines. This product can completely replace existing VTR's. Its multiformat compatibility also enables work with file formats used in linear editing rooms.

 The VisualCG real time 2D character generator corner featured a demo of the optional "Baseball-coder" application for sports broadcasting with its simple GUI that allows user to generate high quality telops.

 In the 4K corner, they demonstrated the D-Stream 4K, the company's 4K compatible disk recorder. Built-in I/O terminals enable ingest, playback, and other functions. They also demonstrated a KarismaCG 4K + Baseball-corder setup using real raw video.

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