【Inter BEE 2013 TV】 Sakura Eiki debuts new Prunus P.P.R.; delivers quick splicing on par with linear editing

2013.11.13 UP


 Sakura Eiki (booth: 7412) debuts its new Prunus P.P.R. This product is focused on editing files quickly. Splices can be made as quickly as they can in linear editing. Since Prunus P.P.R can also be used with your existing editing equipment, it offers the same user-friendliness of your previous products. The system can also be used on its own.
 The Prunus Zero nonlinear editor can process 3D effects and 3D layouts in real time.
 The 'Universal Player' tapeless media playback device is operated with a jog dial and can handle a wide variety of material. It provides intuitive playback and operation. It also supports the transfer of commercial material through file-based media.