Exhibition of the VGA splitter with bandwidth extended to 730MHz and a DVI-VGA converter that allows EDID settings with a DIP switch

2012.12.5 UP

HYPERTOOLS exhibited a variety of new products; sound/video extenders, splitters, exchangers and converters.

The high-end VGA/audio splitters ""SP-VS 102A,"" ""SP-VS-104A"" and ""SP-VS 108A"" had a traditional bandwidth that was compatible with 300MHz to 350MHz, but support is now provided up to 730MHz. There was a demonstration in which the same video was projected on two screens.

The ""CD-DV 101A,"" a new DVI-VGA converter built-into the EDIA, can be setup through DIP switch of the settings of the monitor EDID (extended display identification data; parameters that show the specifications and characteristics of the monitor).