[InterBEE 2012] Hoei Sangyo Introducing Products that fit into Digital Image Production Workflows Recommended ways to use original combinations of products and exhibits that compare different pieces of equipment

2012.11.8 UP

Facilis Terrablock Image Picture

Hoei Sangyo (Imaging and Broadcasting-Related Equipment Division #8406) will have displays showing new products integrated into a digital workflow, including everything from capture to archiving, as well as exhibits featuring Filmlight's non-linear color grading system 'Baselight', the new plugin 'Baselight for AVID', AMS Neve's console 'Genesys', and more. In addition, there will also be a reference exhibit of Topcon's 360-degree video recording system '360VR Lite'.

*Exhibits of products that fit into workflows
There will be a demonstration of a perfect setup including Telestream's video capture/encoding product 'Pipeline' and MOG Technologies' ingest system for capture purposes. After media is checked-in to Avid's non-linear editing system 'Interplay', it can be quickly edited in 'Media Composer' and linked to 'ProTools' or 'VideoSatellite' (both of which are Avid products). There will also be a display featuring the new 'S-1000' ingest system from MOG Technologies.

There will be a display comparing the shared storage products 'ISIS' from Avid, and the 'Terrablock' SAN System from Facilis. There will also be a demonstration of the recommended method of using Cache-A 'Pro-Cache' in conjunction with Marquis Broadcast 'Parking' for backup and archiving purposes.

There are plans to announce the HD-compatible digital asset management server 'Proxsys PA' series from VITEC, which is designed to enable connection with various types of non-linear equipment. If you need an even larger-scale solution, there will also be a presentation about Front Porch Digital's 'DIVArchive'. A powerful archiving environment can be created by using it together with the semi-automatic video tape migration system 'SAMMA Solo', which can process hundreds of thousands of video tape migrations.

*Debut of the color grading system plugin 'Baselight'
Look forward to the debut of 'Baselight Editions', which is compatible not only with FilmLight's well-known non-linear color grading system 'Baselight', but also with the On-set tool 'FLIP' and various other non-linear systems.

The popular manufacturer AMS Neve will present its audio console 'Genesys'. Topcon (Inc.) will have a demo of its 360-degree video recording system '360VR Lite' as a reference exhibit.

In addition to company booths which exhibit their own products, there will also be a Fujifilm booth (Imaging and Broadcasting-Related Equipment Section #6506) with a display of the color management system 'IS-100', and an Intertec booth (Imaging and Broadcasting-Related Equipment Section #5609) presenting Pixelmetrix's digital signal observation/malfunction detection system.

[InterBEE 2012]
Inter BEE is a professional audio, visual and communications exhibition that brings together top-class domestic and foreign broadcasting equipment, imaging equipment, audio equipment, lighting equipment, IPTV, Mobile TV, cross-media and peripheral applications and solutions under one roof. The exhibition provides a great opportunity for all people involved in media production to learn about the latest trends in the creative and media businesses.

The event will be held from November 14 (Wed) to November 16 (Friday) at the Makuhari Messe. (Admission is Free)