Inter BEE 2016 TV: Lindy Sales exhibits 4K compatible 25 year guarantee cable, various cables and extenders for video, audio and signal transmission.

2016.11.25 UP

4K compatible cable

Lindy Sales exhibited its various cables and extenders for video, audio and signal transmission.
Lindy is a brand with more than 80 years of history. It has an excellent lineup of parts and machines related to computers, network and home cinema. It also has worldwide sales routes and service networks. With a main focus on Europe, it sells products in 14 countries including USA and Asia.
Its main products include cables for HDMI / DVI / VGA / USB / network, connectors, converters, adapters, computer accessories, switches, distributors, hubs, extenders, etc. In addition, the company also handles various communication equipment used in digital signage.
The products that we exhibited are as follows:

○LINDY 4K compatible 25 year guarantee premium gold DisplayPort long distance cable male-male 20m maximum
○LINDY 4K compatible 25 year guarantee gold HDMI cable Ethernet compatible 20m maximum
○LINDY 4K compatible chrome design HDMI cable TypeA male - TypeA male HDMI2.0 Ethernet compatible with lock function 20m maximum
○LINDY HD1600p compatible DisplayPort long distance connection cable male-male 20m maximum
○LINDY 4K60Hz compatible DisplayPort1.2 optical fiber extender 200m maximum (model number: 38403)
○LINDY 4K60p compatible HDMI HDBaseT extender 100m maximum (model number: 38200)
○LINDY 4K compatible HDMI optical fiber compatible extender (tranceiver set) 300m maximum (model number:38170)
○LINDY 4K compatible optical fiber HDMI hybrid cable 150m maximum
○LINDY 4K compatible DisplayPort input HDMI output (4 ports) video wall processor (model number: 38418)
○LINDY 4K compatible HDMI - DisplayPort converter 15cm (model number: 38146)
○LINDY 4K compatible DisplayPort 1:2 output switch (model number: 38411)
○LINDY preset HDMI EDID&DDC emulator adapter (model number: 32103)
○LINDY DVI EDID&DDC emulator adapter (model number: 32102)
○LINDY VGA display EDID&DDC emulator adapter(model number: 32101)
○LINDY VGA&DVI EDID&DDC emulator programmer (model number: 32100)
○LINDY active noise canceling headphone (model number: 20425)
○LINDY High quality studio monitor headphone (model number: 20378)
○LINDY chrome IEM 75 dual driver high capacity in-ear headphone (model number: 20381)
○LINDY dynamic bass tuning IEM-50X in-ear headphone with microphone (model number: 20396)

Lindy Sales Inc.
Head office location:
Postal code: 101-0051
Asahi Jimbo-cho Plaza 203, Kanda Jimbo-cho 2-14, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo