[Inter BEE 2013] EIZO exhibiting monitor with color calibration function — on sale November 22 — also showing a reference model of its image enlarging software for focus confirmation

2013.11.13 UP

ColorEdge CG277 27-inch monitor for video production

EIZO (booth 5614-1) is exhibiting its new ColorEdge CG277, a 27-inch color management LCD monitor with built-in calibration sensor, slated for release November 22.
This monitor's features include strong black levels and a 99% coverage rate of the Adobe RGB gamut. EIZO is also exhibiting the new, simultaneously launched ColorNavigator NX software aimed at monitor maintainers. It allows easy software-based adjustment of the color modes normally selected through buttons on the front of the monitor.
 EIZO is offering new solutions at its booth. The DuraVision FDH3601 36.4 inch 4K compatible color LCD monitor can be seen displaying antique maps in 4K. It supports calibration in addition to high definition/high resolution display output.
 The CG277 features a "simple display" 4Kx2K function. As part of EIZO's exhibition, a 4K resolution movie is being seamlessly displayed on the 2560x1440 monitor. EIZO is also showing a reference version of software designed for confirming focus conditions. It works by enlarging a specific area on a touch panel and displaying a dot by dot image.
 Also being demoed is a function that makes it possible to change the color gamut with a single touch.
One solution being shown involves color measuring a master monitor's display and getting pseudo-playback on the Color Edge. This process makes it possible to estimate final video color during the video production phase.