Inter BEE 2015 TV Toshiba Lighting & Technology exhibits its LED FORTEX series lineup; showcases its "Grande" first 2 kW LED in Japan to celebrate Toshiba's 125th anniversary

2015.11.19 UP

Exhibit of 11 LEDs from 500 W to 2 KW
LED console & batten system

LED console & batten system

 Toshiba Lighting & Technology exhibited its FORTEX series of LED spotlights at its joint booth with Toshiba LT Engineering (Pro Lighting/Hall 3/Booth No. 3401). The display showcased 11 spotlights with halogen-equivalent brightnesses ranging from 500-750 W to 2 kW.
 Also on reference display was the Grande, the company's first high-capacity, 2-kW spotlight in Japan, released to commemorate Toshiba's 125th anniversary in the lighting business. It is scheduled for release in April of next year.
 Toshiba has also proposed the release of a high-output, high color-rendering lineup of LED floodlights, horizontal lighting, and other lighting equipment.
 A dedicated corner of the booth also demonstrated a specialized LED console & batten system that uses a "smart batten/smart panel" to facilitate interaction between the console and the LED lighting equipment.