Inter BEE 2016 TV: BOSE shows off ShowMatch DeltaQ array speakers delivering concert quality sound in spaces of all shapes and sizes

2016.11.24 UP

PowerShare adaptable power amplifiers
ShowMatch DeltaQ array speakers

ShowMatch DeltaQ array speakers

 BOSE exhibited its ShowMatch DeltaQ array speakers at Inter BEE 2016. These array speakers are capable of delivering uniform concert quality sound in spaces of any shape or size. The speakers allows free control of vertical and horizontal directionality to suit a given space to deliver sound only to specific target areas. The speaker system's four EMB2S drivers, two 8" woofers, 145dB of peak array output, and numerous add-on options provide tour-quality sound.
 They also showcased a new addition to their lineup, the ShowMatch SMS118 18" single subwoofer.
 The company also featured its three 600-watt PowerShare adaptable power amplifier models (PS602, PS602P, PS604). Each enables free distribution of 600 watts across all output channels. The PS602 is a two-channel model, the PS602P is a two-channel model for PA use, and the PS604 has four channels.
 These groundbreaking power amps allow their 600 watts of power to be freely distributed across the two or four channels available, at either low-impedance or high-impedance.

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