[NEWS] MEDIAEDGE Demonstration at Inter BEE 2016 of ticker broadcasting coordinated with option for Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation's MEDIAEDGE-APM

2016.11.10 UP

"LoopREC" Multi-channel Loop Video Recording System

"NetView" Network Decoder

Screen image of the

Screen image of the "ME-CCMS" Cloud-based Content Management System

MEDIAEDGE (head office: Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture) exhibited at Inter BEE 2016, held from November 16th (Wed) to 18th (Fri) at Makuhari Messe. On the theme of "Broadcast & Broadband" (IP-fication of video) their booth (Hall 8, Booth No. 8003) exhibited a variety of products that utilize video over IP, including the "LoopREC" multi-channel loop video recording system, which collectively records and centrally manages the video from information cameras set up at multiple bases, "NetView", which and directly receives images from network cameras and outputs them to a monitor, and the 4K-broadcasting compatible automatic delivery system "MEDIAEDGE-APM4K".

"LoopREC" Multi-channel Loop Video Recording System Exhibited
"Loop REC" is a system that collectively records the video from information cameras (IP cameras) installed at multiple bases, such as security cameras and fixed cameras, and can manage and operate them all at once. In 2014 it was awarded the top prize in the Technology category by the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association and it received the Technology Development Award at the Motion Picture and Television Engineering society of Japan's MPTE Awards.

A feature is the trick mode function that plays video of a designated information camera at up to 4 times normal speed so that you can quickly search In and OUT points of video, and cut out the required part and output as a file or baseband. The system exhibited this time added a new IP multiviewer function with an unlimited number of screens. Masaya Sakamoto, chief of the Technology Development head office, said, "We will also offer the optional function that, triggered by the Earthquake Early Warning system, will automatically carry out video extraction through to uploading of the file."

"NetView" exhibited – equipment which receives streamed video from multiple information cameras (IP cameras) and can output directly by HDMI or SDI.
"NetView" is a network decoder that can directly receive video streamed from information cameras (IP cameras), such as those by Sony, Panasonic, and AXIS, and can use it as broadcast material. Video from one camera is received by one decoder. Also, video received from multiple cameras can be switched between on one decoder. Because it is possible to mix network cameras from multiple manufacturers, this means it is possible to build a hybrid video utilization system combining existing video equipment with network cameras. In addition, at the booth, we also exhibit the "NetView-4KD1" 4K-compatible network decoder, which can receive the video stream from 4K-compatible network cameras directly and use it as broadcast material.

Demonstration of ticker broadcasting that works together with options for Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation's MEDIAEDGE-APM
The company's 2K-compatible automatic delivery system "MEDIAEDGE-APM" is a new broadcasting system that takes full advantage of the Video Over IP technology that handles video signals on a network. "MEDIAEDGE-APM4K" turns the 2K-compatible automatic transmission system "MEDIAEDGE - APM" into 4K-compatible automatic broadcasting system . Masaya Sakamoto explained, "Since conventional broadcasting servers use video shot on tape, they require a lot of hardware, the system becomes complicated, and the overall cost is high, but MEDIAEDGE-APM has the functions of a PC and a broadcasting server, and is a new type of broadcasting server system using the concept of Video Over IP. It has an installation record at more than 100 locations nationwide, including delivery systems for live 4K broadcasting and cable TV stations." In the booth, there will be a demonstration of a 4K transmission sent to the headend, received at the STB by RF, and displayed on the television.

And with regard to the HD broadcast version of "MEDIAEDGE-APM", there is greater cooperation with disaster prevention information and it is possible to add "still picture broadcasting", "ticker layout broadcasting" and "text subtitles" as optional extras. "These MEDIAEDGE-APM-only options are currently under development based on "BroadCATV", made by Hitachi High-Tech Solutions. We plan to demonstrate them at the booth in coordination with Hitachi High-Tech Solutions' ticker-broadcasting compatible server." (Mr. Masaya Sakamoto)

"ME-CCMS" cloud-based content management system for enterprise/broadcasting industry exhibited
ME-CCMS (Cloud-based Content Management System) is a cloud service for content management, and is provided by MEDIAEDGE. They say that it is already being used by major broadcasting stations. Its features are that it can be combined with existing facilities such as material servers and nonlinear systems, and since only small size proxy files and databases for search are uploaded to the cloud, operation with minimal installation costs and monthly usage costs is possible.

Mr. Sakamoto explains the scalability of the product as follows, "It is possible to customize interoperability with MAM. And since you can register as many keywords as you like for searching, you can have highly flexible search."

In addition, at the booth, the company plans to exhibit products that it handles, such as converter products and the "USDP-R5000" 4K-compatible signage player by VideoPro, and VITEC's 2K IP video distribution solution, etc.

[MEDIAEDGE Corporation]
Headquarters: 23F Kobe Commerce, Industry and Trade Center Building, 5-1-14 Hamabe-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture 651-0083
Inter BEE Booth: Video Production/Broadcast Equipment Division / Hall 8 / 8003

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