Inter BEE 2014: Meiko Tech exhibited the "MVC Series" multi-video wall controller for up to 40 screens with unlimited window display, which is being increasingly used in museums and public spaces, such as "TeNQ" in Korakuen

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The 8-screen multivision at the

The 8-screen multivision at the "TeNQ" outer space museum, which uses the MVC System

Meiko Tech's booth (2013)

Meiko Tech's booth (2013)

Akira Onishi (right) and Seiji Goto (left)

Akira Onishi (right) and Seiji Goto (left)

Meiko Tech had a booth at the Inter BEE 2014, held November 19-21 at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, where they demonstrated their multi-video wall controller for up to 40 screens.

- Supporting up to 40 screens with limitless window display
The "MVC Series" is an all-in-one video wall controller equipped with on-board functions such as a multi-vision processor, a multi-window processor, a matrix switcher, a scan converter, a controller, etc. It went on sale last year, but since then, they have upgraded it to the "MVC Series HDCP Video Wall Controller," which is capable of limitless window display and has garnered attention in the market, and they made it able to handle up to 40 screens simultaneously.
It makes a low-cost multi-screen solution possible, contributing to the construction of traffic management and supervisory control systems.

- Already in use for infrastructure monitoring and in museums
Seiji Goto, Assistant Director of the Imaging Device Division in Meiko Tech's Yokohama Office, said, "We showed it for the first time at last year's Inter BEE, and it was incredibly well received. Over the past year, we have extended its use to digital signage in supervisory control systems and museums."
The MVC Series is being used at "TeNQ," the outer space museum in Tokyo Dome City, which opened on July 8, 2014, on an 8-screen LCD multi-vision (2 screens tall and 4 screens wide, made by NEC).
What makes the MVC Series unique is that, "before, you had to build a system that connects multiple devices and controls them all individually, but with this product, it is all integrated in this one box. It simplifies and shortens delivery time for these complex systems, reducing costs significantly. It's suitable for video wall systems used for traffic control, fire and disaster management, security surveillance, etc. Because it has functions like image rotation, fade out, telop, and schedule switching, it's also suitable for digital signage in conference rooms and classrooms, as well as for application in every type of field," Goto explained.

- Matrix switcher capable of transmission up to 100m with a LAN cable
In addition, they have unveiled a matrix switcher with an internal board capable of transmitting DVI/HDMI digital signals up to 100m over a LAN cable. Using the entire booth, they showed the appeal of their overall system.
They exhibited the system for a video wall with a maximum of 40 screens. "Previously the most was 20 screens, but as users, especially in supervisory control systems, who needed 24 and then 36 screen capability, we enchanced the capability of the multi-screen function to handle the most screens possible in this new version," explained Goto.

- Bigger booth than last year
Meiko Tech's Managing Director and CEO, Akira Onishi, explained hopefully, "For this year's Inter BEE, we got a booth one and half times bigger than last year. We expected this exhibition to go flawlessly, so we also doubled the booth staff. We put the greatest effort into this exhibition because we want the most people possible to experience the latest in multi-display solutions we are proud to show at our booth."

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