【Inter BEE 2015 TV】Kyoshin Communications online editing, VFX, color grading, and delivery are combined into a total post-production system called "Mistika" which will be on display.

2015.11.20 UP

Mistika Color Grading

Kyoshin Communications will be displaying the online editing, VFX, color grading, and delivery post-production system "Mistika" at their Inter BEE booth (image/broadcast equipment specialty, booth number 4201).
SGO's Mistika is a post-production system that combines online editing, VFX, color grading, and delivery into one unit. Footage can be played back in real time with no rendering for handling 4K/8K high resolution and high frame rate material. You can deliver broadcasts and movies in the format they were created in, be it XAVC, DPX, or others.
The possibility for content creation has expanded with HDR, ACES, and other brand new color grading compatibility. Mistika is a faster, accurate color grading system. There will be a color grading and offline coordination demo at the booth.
SiliconCore's 260 inch super high definition LED display panel "MAGNOLIA" combines the super high definition peach 1.5mm panel with 144 units. A bezel frame and gap-less flat screen projects 4K images. High power efficiency and low heat output allows for fanless installation.
This can be used for events, advertising PR, spacial presentations, or a wide range of other uses.