Inter BEE 2014 TV: IDK exhibits easy-to-assemble non-strip optical fiber cable

2014.11.19 UP

Nonstrip fiber cable w/ attachable connectors
The GF-100 digital video analyzer

The GF-100 digital video analyzer

 At its booth at Inter BEE 2014 (booth no.: 5503), IDK is spotlighting its new non-strip optical fiber cable. In the past, optical fiber has been delicate, tough to handle, and costly, but IDK's new non-strip optical fiber cable resolves those difficulties. The product's primary advantage is how easily it can be handled by anyone with the use of an exclusive kit.
 The new cable also drastically reduces work time and cost. Connectors can be attached post-handling simply by passing the cable through them, making the process much more efficient. The double-layered construction of the fiber portion is resistant to bending, making it ideal for construction purposes.
 Demonstrations of cable assembly will be held at IDK's exhibition. The GF-100 digital video analyzer, greatly useful in resolving issues unique to digital products, will also be on display. The analyzer can display the status of mechanical systems & output signal test patterns, check EDID logs & digital cable transmissions, and provide support for on-site issues.