[Inter BEE 2015 TV] Crypton Future Media TRAX PRO, APS, SOUND IDEAS sound effect library exhibition

2015.11.20 UP


At Inter Bee 2015's Crypton Future Media booth (booth number 2112), the world's largest scale sound distribution site "SONICWIRE", managed by the same company, which handles sound effects, BGM, speech file editing software, software sound sources suitable as incidental music, etc., was introduced.

"TRAX PRO" is software that separates the melody of an audio source from the other parts, achieving the aim of allowing "quick and intuitive extraction of melody/vocals". The many algorithms, and spectral editing and processing of AUDIONAMIX, with their non-destructive approach, combine to produce a high quality result. Through its excellent functionality and control screen, after a little time excellent results can be achieved.