Inter BEE 2016 TV: JVC Kenwood introduces GY-LS300CH 4K60p firmware, 4K HDR system solution

2016.11.24 UP

4K HDR prototype demo


KY-PZ100 remote camera for IP solutions systems

KY-PZ100 remote camera for IP solutions systems

 JVC Kenwood set up IP solutions and 4K60p solutions corners at Inter BEE 2016 to demonstrate a variety of its latest devices and solutions.

 In the IP solutions corner, they presented a new remote production solution incorporating their KY-PZ100 HD PTZ remote camera, which is slated for release this fall. Its silent design relieves the need to worry about camera noise in a quiet studio. They demonstrated a live IP relay connected to the company's headquarters in Yokohama.

 In their 4K60p solutions corner, the company showcased a sample of the GY-LS300CH firmware with 4K60p compatible software on board. They also revealed a new 4K HDR system solution with up to 4500cd/m² high luminance and 40000:1 high contrast that conforms to both DCI and BT.2020 standards. The solution operates as a mastering monitor for HDR editing for broadcasting and recording with high reliability, high definition, and a faithful image.

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