InterBEE 2014: IT Access demos HVEC transcoding on Amazon's cloud AWS and second screen usages for soccer games and movie theatres with SyncNow 2nd Screen from Civolution

2014.11.14 UP

Picture of Civolution file-based trancoder Genova

Picture of Civolution file-based trancoder Genova

Picture of Interra Systems Baton 6.0

Picture of Interra Systems Baton 6.0

IT Access (Main Office: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture) displayed a number of items at their booth (booth number 6401) at the InterBEE 2014 event, which was held at Makuhari Messe from Wednesday, November 19 to Friday, November 21, 2014. On display were solutions that they handle, such as: cloud-based solutions, second screen solutions, automated file-based QC solutions, 4K/HEVC codec solutions, and business-oriented live distribution solutions. Furthermore, at the booth, they demonstrated transcoding MPEG2 and H.264 TS files into HEVC MP4 and TS files through the file-based encoder Genova on Amazon AWS, as well as exhibited for the first time domestically, the newest version of the automated file-based QC software, Baton (v. 6.0), which was announced at this year’s IBC.

■For cloud-based solutions, they displayed the file-based encoder/transcoder Genova, aimed at VoD/OTT files, from Allegro DVT and the automated file-based QC software, Baton from Interra Systems. The file-based encoder/transcoder Genova is equipped with an HEVC software encoder for MPEG2 and H.264 files, and offers a feature that can transcode on the cloud. The supported cloud environments include OpenStack/KVM and VMWare. Supported clouds include Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure. It is also said that the newest version also supports the Apple ProRes format. At their booth, they demonstrated transcoding MPEG2 and H.264 TS files into HEVC MP4 and TS files on Amazon AWS.

The automated file-based QC software, Baton, is software that conforms digital contents to various standards that the user has set in their test plan and provides various qualitative analyses. At this year’s InterBEE, the newest version (v.6.0), which was introduced at this year’s IBC, was displayed domestically for the first time. Sales representative Miho Fukuda explained some of the features that have been added to the latest version, which include enhanced video dropout checks that occur at various stages of the contents’ workflow, an enhanced recorded image search function, support for various subtitle formats, support for still images (JPEG, GIF), and a web plug-in for their Baton Media Player (beta version).

■Planning a demo featuring supplementary content during a soccer game and movie subtitles

They displayed a second screen solution, SyncNow 2nd Screen, from Civolution of Holland. It is a second screen solution product that utilizes sound watermarking technology. After inserting a watermark, which includes a content ID and TimeCode, connected applications, which have been installed on a smart phone or tablet, can sync with it and display related information simultaneously. This software was first used domestically by broadcaster, WOWOW, in a promotion featuring foreign dramas and their TV app. They were planning to demonstrate the technology by showing supplementary content during a soccer game and displaying subtitles for movies.

■ Demo of the newest version of their HEVC Analyzer

For their 4K/HEVC codec solution, they displayed the newest version of the HEVC streaming and online parsing tool, Vega HEVC Analyzer, from Interra Systems. Some of its features include HEVC stream conformance checking and encoded stream debugging, video compression/expansion tool performance and quality valuation and comparison, optimized video/audio encoding/decoding utilities, and compatibility checks. At the booth, they read in a HEVC stream and performed a detailed parsing demo. Ms Fukuda explained that visitors could come take a look at what the parsing found.

In addition, they ran a demo where they took the H.265/HEVC Hardware Encoder IP from Allegro DVT, which was released in February of this year and utilizes a FPGA board, and used it to decode many kinds of streams that had already been encoded. The HEVC Encoder/Decoder HW IP from Allegro DVT features a small IP size, low power consumption, the highest in-class encoding quality and supports 4K/UHD(3840x2160). Ms. Fukuda explained that this time was not about doing an on-the-spot encoding demo, but rather, was done with the purpose of confirming image quality.

■ Introduction of miscellaneous solutions and business-oriented distribution solutions

They also introduced some other solutions. As a 4K/HEVC codec solution, they showed the HEVC Decoder Compliance Syntax/Stress/Error Resilience Suite. They also introduced the real-time MPEG2 TS monitoring software, Orion, from Interra Systems as an automated content QC solution. Finally, they set up a camera at their booth and while performing some live transmissions, they introduced the the high-performance distribution package, USTREAM Ad-free Plus plan, as a business-oriented distribution solution.

■ The Main Displayed Contents
Including the above mentioned, the main displayed contents are as follows:

☆Cloud-based solutions:
VoD/OTT-oriented, file-based transcoder Genova (Allegro DVT)
Automated file-based QC software Baton (Interra Systems)

☆Second screen solution:
SyncNow 2nd Screen (Civolution)

☆Automated file-based QC solution:
Real-time MPEG2 TS monitoring software Orion (Interra Systems)

☆4K/HEVC codec solutions:

The latest version of Vega HEVC Analyzer (Interra Systems): A must have for codec development

HEVC Decoder Compliance Syntax/Stress/Error Resilience Suite(Allegro DVT)

SoC-oriented, high-resolution, low power consumption, small-sized HEVC Encoder/Decoder HW IP(Allegro DVT)

☆Business-oriented live distribution solution:

Introduction of the high-performance distribution package USTREAM Ad-free Plus plan

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