Inter BEE 2016 TV: Dan Dugan Sound Design unveils Dugan Automixer for smooth bottom mixing on multiple mics

2016.11.24 UP

Digital automatic mixer

 San Francisco-based Dan Dugan Sound Design, Inc. returned to Inter BEE to unveil the Dugan Automixer, capable of performing simultaneous smooth bottom mixing on multiple microphones.
 Dugan automatic mixing controllers are used by broadcasters and event spaces all over North America by inserting them into a channel on existing consoles. The Automixer helps reduce fader work for unscripted talk shows, and can control gains of multiple microphones in real time to have them working as one.
 The booth also showcased Four Audio's "DBS1" Dante Break Out audio interface, a compact interface using the Dante network audio protocol. It is equipped with two outputs and two inputs with microphone preamps, phantom power, and HPF. Use of a switching hub with PoE power supply enables operation without a power source.
 Also on display were SCHAFFNER IEC-LOCK Power Cords, a new kind of power cable with a mechanism for preventing accidental unplugging. They are used by simply installing them in normal IEC inlets (without disconnection preventing mechanisms).

Dan Dugan Sound Design, Inc.
〒 290 Napoleon St. Ste. E, San Francisco, CA 94124, USA