Inter BEE 2016 TV: Itochu Cable Systems exhibits VTR auto-ingest with GLOOKAST GLOOBOX multifunction ingestor, 4K low-cost quality checker and more

2016.11.18 UP

MMT recording and playback equipment (ZJive, XJive8K)
Digitize/archive file base

Digitize/archive file base

Low-delay encoder, decoder for return transmission

Low-delay encoder, decoder for return transmission

 Itochu Cable Systems used their space at the three-day Inter BEE 2016 exhibition held 11/1611/18 at Makuhari Messe to demonstrate the process of ingesting VTR tape auto loaded into the GLOOKAST GLOOBOX system. The system is an ICS original fully integrated workflow that saves source video in a cache storage, performs transcoding and quality checks, and archives the material in a library.

 This multifunction ingestor can simultaneously export three different codecs with one input, and ingest the content into two different target locations.

 The BitNot low-cost quality checker can perform precision checks in HD and 4K, and its internal preview screen carries functions for a variety of user needs, including real time preview of errors and 3-point checks.

 ICS demonstrated a 4K file player capable of multi-codec playback and an 8K file player with HEVC playback. On display at the MMT corner were decoders, recording and playback devices, as well as a low-delay encoder and decoder taking full advantage of MMT's communications technology.

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