【Inter BEE 2015 TV】Comodo Mattina exhibits TAIDEN's Digital Infrared Congress System, in use at the United Nations | Minimal radio wave noise and high-fidelity communication

2015.11.27 UP

TAIDEN digital infrared wireless conference system

 Comodo Mattina exhibited TAIDEN's HCS-5300 series of wireless congress systems. Wireless congress systems usually use the 2.4GHz band, but this product makes use of a specially developed digital infrared system

The company's unique dirATC digital infrared audio transfer and control technology eliminates the usual radio wave interference associated with WiFi or fiber optic noise, achieving CD-level quality.

It supports individual microphone sensitivity and EQ adjustment, and the LCD menu allows the user to select the vertical microphone angle.

There is also a 1+3ch unit designed for simultaneous interpreting, and it offers a standalone recording function.
Also on display was the Paperless Multimedia Microphone System, TAIDEN's wired conferencing system. A large touch screen enables the sharing of data during meetings.
TAIDEN's technology is in use at the United Nations.

Comodo Mattina also exhibited Inter M's FTA-1085/FRA-1085, an 8-channel audio transmitter and receiver for digital transfer solutions. This unit functions over fiber-optic cable to provide 8ch audio transmission and receipt. It supports distances up to 15km. It features an SC fiber-optic connector and RS-422 and RS232C for data communication.

Also exhibited was the AOE-212N Audio Over, a long-distance Ethernet forwarding system.

It enables high quality audio and data transfer and control of audio signals over a single CAT5e cable. The unit offers long-distance transfer of data over Ethernet and a multi-transfer function at 1:20 for WAN and 1:60 for LAN. Both compressed and uncompressed digital audio are supported. The sampling frequency is 24bit and 8-48kHz. The unit offers a maximum transfer speed of 19,200bps.