Inter BEE 2016 TV: Doramu demonstrates XC-2525B spatial performance system computer for and 80% transmittance OZ SCREEN

2016.11.24 UP



 Doramu presented its independently developed XC-2525B system computer along with the 80% transmittance capable OZ SCREEN.
 All hardware, OS, language, and applications in the XC-2525B were made by Doramu.
With 25 times the processing speed of existing products, anyone can easily create applications. This product concentrates much of the audio, visual, and lighting technology Doramu has cultivated over many years. Two built-in USB ports enable high capacity memory. The XC-2525B makes it easy to build audio, visual, and lighting systems for spatial performances.
 The expansion board is outfitted with S-I/O, timecode, DMX, relay, D-I/O, and D/A boards. The system can be used for a wide array of purposes including conference systems, showrooms, museums, expos, concerts, projection systems, amusement parks, exhibitions, schools, studios, and building signage.
 The OZ SCREEN, with its 80% transmittance capability, projects clearly on both sides, expanding the projection presentation range. Combining the screen with Doramu's vibration speakers is a simple way to build audio/visual signage.

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