Inter BEE 2015 TV: Suntec exhibits 36W LGC-600SC large-format LED light composed of 600 high-luminance white LEDs

2015.11.20 UP

LG_B560 Mini-light

LG_B560 Mini-light

Camera LED

Camera LED

At Inter BEE 2015, Suntec's booth (pro lighting, #3002) showed the LG-2016, with sufficient intensity for use as a main light; the LG-2016C, with color temperature regulation; and the LG-B560, a color temperature adjustable light for small cameras.

A 36W output large LED light composed of 600 high-luminance white LEDs. The main body is made of lightweight ABS resin, so it is 400g lighter than the metal LG-600S and has the same wattage. This makes it ideal for toplights or use on location.

An 18.24W output large LED light composed of 304 high-luminance white LEDs. No adapter is required; simply insert 8 AA batteries.

This large ring light is composed of 332 high-luminance white LEDs. The two-way dimming allows for controlling the left and right halves independently to achieve three-dimensional lighting and footage.