Exhibition of carefully selected solution products: Proposals for NAS-centered multi-application environments and 4K high-definition digital signage

2012.11.16 UP

KYOSHIN COMMUNICATIONS exhibited products carefully selected from various solutions handled by the firm. In the Contents Production Corner, they introduced multi-application environments, such as Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Grassvalley and more, centered on two types of NAS shared servers: AVID's ""ISI 5000"" and GB Labs' ""SPACE.""

In ingest systems in production environments and in Telestream's pipeline series, new products were exhibited that are compatible with the XDCAM codec unveiled by IBC.

Moreover, in the 4K Digital Signage Corner, there was a demonstration of next generation visual equipment replete with a sense of presence and realism. Together with a signage system that supports multi-view displays, there were introductions to technical concepts, such as efficient delivery methods for high-resolution video data.

KYOSHIN COMMUNICATIONS continues to blend expertise gained in various fields (e.g. education, medical, industrial and security) with knowledge and experience accumulated in the broadcasting industry to comprehensively provide system designs, construction, operational support, regular maintenance and more along with new value.