Inter BEE 2013 TV: IT Access showcased latest overseas products — four HEVC products including HEVC analyzer supporting 4K 60p, as well as second screen solution, etc.

2013.11.15 UP

HEVC test stream analysis demonstration

IT Access showcased four products for the next-generation format HEVC including HEVC codec products and video and audio quality testing solutions, as well as the second screen solution SyncNow 2nd Screen by Civolution.

The latest version of Interra Systems’ Vega HEVC analyzer is an HEVC analysis platform capable of detailed graphical analysis ranging from high-reliability standards compliance testing to quality comparisons. As a tool for analyzing whether streams are standards-compliant, the product is aimed at encoder/decoder developers and manufacturers.

Allegro DTV’s Genova is an HEVC software encoder. As a turnkey HEVC software solution for VOD and OTT/IPTV with support for 4K encoding, Genova was presented at the exhibition in a demonstration of 4K 60p encoding.

A Vega HEVC test stream and Allegro verification stream have been developed for use by chip makers in verification. This product serves as a quality assurance tool in decoder commercialization.

The HEVC Decoder HW IP is fully-compliant with Main/Main10 Profile standards. It supports decoding of 4K resolution at 60 Hz while saving electricity and space. The same company’s HEVC Decoder IP core can be integrated into a variety of SoC devices. The exhibition featured a demonstration of the product on an FPGA. The product is designed for LSI manufacturers that develop decoder chips.

In addition to these HEVC products, IT Access also demonstrated the latest version of Baton, the ultimate automated QC tool for digital content. In a demo of the latest version of the Orion real-time MPEG-TS monitoring solution, IT Access presented real-time monitoring for headends/video server providers capable of quickly recognizing the outbreak of standards and quality issues.
Further, the second screen solution SyncNow 2nd Screen by Civolution provides a second screen in conjunction with TV content/movies, and the like, via digital audio watermarking. It enables easy, instantaneous, and accurate synchronization with content simply by acquiring audio with a smartphone or tablet. It is rapidly being adopted in Europe.