Inter BEE 2021

Inter BEE 2021 Event & Conference

Inter BEE 2021 will feature a special event at Makuhari Messe and online conferences.
Please experience Inter BEE even more than before with Makuhari Messe events and online conferences.

Makuhari Messe Event

  • The latest in Broadcasting Technology of the "New Normal"
    era centered around IP Remote Production + Hands-on Experience + 5G.

    This year with 30 companies and organizations cooperating, it will be the largest remote production demonstration Inter BEE has held.
    Experience the latest method of ST2110 x 5G remote production demonstration using ST2110 based production truck, 5G High definition, low latency video distribution, and IP networking.

    VenueMakuhari Messe Hall 8

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  • Debut in Japan! Next Generation of Video production, In-Camera VFX Demonstration.

    The environment has changed in the past years and the video production industry adapted and evolved the In-Camera VFX to its latest form. In INTER BEE CREATIVE, we will set up equipment to demonstrate how the filming process will proceed with the In-Camera VFX.

    VenueMakuhari Messe Hall 8

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  • Special session for Professional Audio users at Makuhari Messe.

    INTER BEE EXPERIENCE will be following the same format as last year’s audio session with a collaboration with INTER BEE FORUM. We will be giving a presentation of the audio equipment at Makuhari Messe this year for professional audio users along with demonstrations and information seminars.

    Venue Makuhari Messe Hall 5 Featured venue

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  • Digital Contents EXPO is an international event that features advanced digital content technology and digital content. DCEXPO is a place for meeting people, new ideas, and finding possibilities of new types of content and businesses; by viewing exhibits of advanced technology, experiencing the latest content, and attending lectures given by experts, researchers, and creators who are active in the field.

    VenueMakuhari Messe Hall 6

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Online Conferences

A variety of conferences held by experts from various fields from both Japan and overseas,
sharing the latest trends and knowledge in the media and entertainment industry,
will be available on-demand until Friday, December 17.
(Some sessions excluded)

Conference Timetable