Inter BEE 2021

Inter BEE is a comprehensive media event for professionals that encompasses all aspects of "creation (production), delivery (transmission), and reception (experience)," with content at its core. Inter BEE will be held at Makuhari Messe as a venue to discover and create the future of the media and entertainment industries and a place for proactive business communication.
The exhibition will be held both on-site and online for a wider audience.

Japan's single largest venue for media and entertainment business.

IInter BEE is Japan's only comprehensive media event that attracts a large number of professionals from the media and entertainment industries, mainly broadcasters and content creators, and is used to discover innovations, trade business, and exchange information and people.

Main Visitors (2019 Results)

(Commercial broadcast TV stations, NHK, CATV-related, commercial broadcast radio stations)

Content producers:22.8%
(Post-production, Film and Video production, Content creation, production, advertisement agency, Video software production)

Sound, stage and facility related:8.3%
(PA, stage/art/lighting related, facility/store related, record production)

(Telecommunications companies, Internet-related companies, content distribution companies)

Accelerating and expanding the field to open up a new dimension of business.

  • The forefront of the global trend of broadcasting evolution

    In the midst of the global trend of broadcasting evolution, such as the spread of 4K8K, diversified and internationalized content distribution, and the progress of IP, we will strengthen our role as a place to transmit the forefront of this trend and conduct real business.

  • Content and communication production evolving and expanding with DX

    In the midst of the rapid shift to DX in a variety of business scenes, we will strengthen the exhibition as a place to present evolving video and audio content and expanding communication using the latest technology.

  • Strengthening the audio-visual experience with the power of sound content

    With diversification of music distribution and the reexamination of the audio-visual experience regardless of whether it is on the Internet, in live performances, or in video, we will strengthen the transmission of new sound content power, including immersive and 3D sound.

  • Evolution and expansion of new areas of expression, including XR

    In an age where a wide variety of expressive content is being created that transcends the boundaries between broadcasting and the Internet, we will strengthen our business as a place for the creation of new business amid the evolution and expansion of expressive technologies and application areas such as XR.

  • A new level of user experience in a society where Society 5.0 and 5G are implemented

    In light of the full-fledged start of Society 5.0 and 5G implementation society, we will strengthen the creation of a new dimension of user experience, transmission, and business communication in the midst of the expansion of related industrial fields and increase in the number of users.

  • Simultaneous Events/Industry Collaboration Project

    The Digital Content Expo, which focuses on cutting-edge content technologies, and the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Conference,where commercial broadcasters from all over Japan will present their latest technologies, will be held simultaneously at Inter BEE.
    In addition, many other industry associations that support the media and entertainment industry will be working together.

Maximize your exposure by link your exhibition with the ONLINE site

The online exhibitor page, which were used for Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE, can be used as an exhibition space for simultaneous exhibit to the physical exhibition. The hybrid development can be used to dissemination of new product information, promotion and promotion videos, as well as, guiding visitors to company websites. This is a great opportunity to reach out to a broader range of business users, including visitors with time constraints and users in distant locations.
※Details will be announced at the exhibitor briefing (scheduled for mid-July).

Measures for Safe Exhibition and Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Inter BEE 2021 will be taking measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, such as ensuring that all visitors, exhibitors, and related personnel wear masks, taking body temperature at the entrance, installing disinfectant at the entrance, etc., ensuring that the venue is well ventilated, cleaned, and disinfected, and setting up first-aid rooms. In the exhibition and conference halls, measures will be taken in accordance with the guidelines provided by Chiba Prefecture to prevent the spread of infection. All Exhibitors are requested to cooperate in measures to prevent the spread of infection, including venue staff, registration procedures for exhibitors and workers for booth management. The guidelines for infectious disease prevention measures at Inter BEE 2021 will be announced in a separate exhibitor manual.

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