Inter BEE 2021

Support & Service

Conference Sponsor(Online Exhibitor Seminar)

Maximize exposure with the ONLINE site

A exhibitor seminar of their latest products, technologies and services can be presented in video format to increase the effectiveness of the exhibition. The videos will be available in the archives after the exhibition is over, for visitors that wish to gain more information.

We have prepared the exhibitor seminar as an online service. We will promote it as a conference program, which will enable more users to attend the seminar, to maximize the effectiveness of your exhibit.
If you wish to apply for this service, please fill out the "Online Exhibitor Seminar Application Form" and send it to the Japan Electronics Show Association by Friday, July 30.

Session Fee(Inter BEE 2021)

JPY 275,000 (Tax incl.) / 1 Session (1 hour)

※The fee for exhibitors exclusively exhibiting online is 440,000 yen (including consumption tax) per slot. Please refer to the separate application form.

Session Spots

11/17(Wed) 11/18(Thu) 11/19(Fri)
10:00~11:00 17-A 18-A 19-A
11:30~12:30 17-B 18-B 19-B
13:00~14:00 17-C 18-C 19-C
14:30~15:30 17-D 18-D 19-D
16:00~17:00 17-E 18-E 19-E

※First-come, first-serve basis.
※We are planning 2 tracks for seminars.

※The seminar will be posted as archived content until Friday, December 17.

How to Apply

Please select the date and time you wish to attend.
There is no limit to the number of sessions you can register.


Promotion / PR ・Seminars will be announced as an Inter BEE Conference Program.
・Seminars will also be introduced on the top page during their airtime. 
・Seminars will also be posted on the exhibitor details page of the company.

Seminar Video

Video Production Please record your conference. We can offer support for a fee.
Video Duration 60 minutes or less
Application Deadline October 29 (Fri.)

Details will be provided in a separate manual.

Provision of Session Data

The visitor data will be provided on a later date.

Only the information of visitors who have opted in will be provided.
We will not disclose any visitor information of visitors who decide to opt out from releasing their personal information.

For more information

Japan Electronics Show Association(JESA)
Representative: Mr. Yoshida, Ms. Mori