Live Event: Nov. 18-20 Overall Event: Ends Feb. 26, 2021

Exhibitor Categories
Products to be Exhibited

Professional Audio Equipment

Audio Equipment

Microphones, Wireless Stage Monitor Systems (MIC, IEM), Mixing boards, Portable Mixer Digital Audio Workstation, Recorders, Players, Headphones, In-ear Monitor, Monitor Speakers Amp, Processor, Equalizer, Audiometer, Effects Processor (External, Plug-ins), Intercom Converter / Interface, Transmission Device, Cable Related, Rack, Case, Bag, etc. Accessories, Power Source, Other Audio Equipment

MA and Studio Systems

Mastering Equipment and Systems, Acoustic Design and Control, Audio Equipment for Theaters and Facilities, MA Software, Music Library / Archives Other MA and Studio Systems

PA and Live Systems

PA System, Live Sound Systems, peakers for Live Music, Amp / Processor for Live Music Sound Systems for Clubs, Other PA and Live Systems

Radiobroadcast Systems

Radiobroadcast Systems, Audio Editing Software, Other Radio Broadcasting Systems

High-End Consumer Equipment

Related Hi-Res, High-End Audio Speakers, High-End Speaker System, High-End Headphones High-End Audio Accessories, High Quality Car Audio Systems , Other High-end Consumer Equipment