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  • Build-up of Broadcasting, Video, Audio, Lighting and Media Business Innovations
    Inter BEE is used as an opportunity to carry out business and exchange of information by bringing together the latest innovations together under one roof as Japan’s premier professional exhibition for audio, video and communications – a fact that is backed by history and results.
  • Focus of Attention on the Latest Trends in the Media Business
    Inter BEE was visited by 35,646 people from 30 countries/regions last year. Professional users have a high level of satisfaction with Inter BEE. Furthermore, Inter BEE is attracting an increasing amount of attention each year from inside and outside the industry as an exhibition that is driving the future of the media business.
Global Communication
Backup Provided by Organizations, Groups and Trade Journals That Lead the Media Industry
In addition to grand keynote speeches and commemorative ceremonies held with the cooperation of supporting organizations, various activities in the industry take place at Inter BEE, such as cooperative projects between media industry-related groups and media partners.
■Support Partner
Support Partner
Global Partner
Inter BEE makes proactive efforts to attract visitors from overseas and to disseminate information around the world under cooperation with our global partners.
Global Partner
Inter BEE
Playing an Important Role in the Global Business Scheme
Playing an Important Role in the Global Business Scheme
Inter BEE is on the schedule in the global business scheme. Experts and key persons in audio and video from overseas come to Japan for Inter Bee, so it is possible to effectively use this time as an opportunity to share the latest trends around the world.