Chrosziel QuickLock Plate 401-150

2018.11.07 UP

Quick click for the perfect fit: Chrosziel presents the improved QuickLock Plate Series with QuickLock Plate 401-150

Rugged, fast and secure camera mount for all standard tripods

Tokyo (InterBEE), November 2018 – However good a product is, there’s always room for improvement. With this in mind, Chrosziel presents the QuickLock Plate 401-150, the successor to the best-selling QuickLock Plate 401-130.

The first new feature is clearly the redesigned housing; unlike its predecessor, the new QuickLock Plate 401-150 is now in black anodized aluminum throughout. A second significant difference is the reduction in overall weight, from over 2.20 lbs (1,000 grams) to a mere 1.32 lbs (600 grams). To achieve this, the reverse of the cover plate and the underside behind the locking lever received a compact new makeover, while the two 1/4” and 3/8” slot nuts on the underside were shortened by around 0.79” (2 cm). After a facelift, the cover plate is now a sleek ellipse instead of its previous square shape.

Not everything is new; the QuickLock Plate 401-150 has retained its predecessor’s attractive price and its silent fixing mechanism, a three-part device that secures the camera flush with the plate. The self-locking lever, however, has been completely redesigned and can now only be released by being pushed smoothly forward. With its exceptional user-friendly operation and rugged design, the Chrosziel QuickLock Plate 401-150 is the ideal complement for all V-mounted cameras.

To mount the camera rapidly on the QuickLock plate, simply slide the V-Mount Adapter Plate into the recess and allow the locking lever to click into place. Once the locking slide has moved forward and the rear mounting pin is down, the camera is firmly locked flush to the plate.

For maximum support, use with Chrosziel Light Weight Supports for ENG cameras (e.g. 401-50 for Sony) or Light Weight Supports for Film Cameras (e.g. 401-EVA1). When used with the latter, the shoulder support should be extended completely to the rear and locked in place, to ensure the rear locking pin of the QuickLock Plate 401-150 engages at the rear of the support.

The grooved underside of the QuickLock Plate contains two slot nuts with 1/4” and 3/8” threads, making the QuickLock Plate compatible with all standard tripods such as Cartoni, Manfrotto and Sachtler.

What’s in the box; price

The Chrosziel QuickLock Plate 401-150 is now available at the recommended retail price of EUR 595,- (plus VAT). It comprises the QuickLock Plate at a weight of only 605 grams.


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