Chrosziel Lens Test Projector P-TP7

2018.11.06 UP

Ultimate lens test machine: The future-proof and for lens service professionals optimized Chrosziel Lens Test Projector P-TP7

Glass & Filter Inserts, 60mm LED Image Circle, Multiport for Lens Data & Control

Tokyo (InterBEE), November 2018 – With the Lens Test Projector P-TP7 Chrosziel launches the successor of its successful Lens Test Projector P-TP6. Parts of the development were realized by the cooperation with ARRI™. The result is a projector that was built with highest precision below 5μm plane parallelism between mount and reticle. Also, the engineers focused on a user-friendly and multi-functional projector built to last.

The quick release large format base mount allows speedy swapping between mounts such as XPL, LPL, PL, EF, E, Leica, Micro 4/3 and many more. Furthermore, the built-in electronics meet all requirements to professionally check and service lenses. To simplify the workflow of lens service technicians the TP-7 has an easy access to the centering screws of zooms for calibrating and centering zoom lenses comfortably without having to unmount it multiple times. Two multiport connectors situated on both sides of the projector allow electronical lens data access (e.g. /i-Data and LDS meta data).

The reticle is surrounded by two 3x3 trays: The 3x3 glass insert between lens mount and reticle simulates the glass way (up to 7mm thickness) of a specific camera. The 3x3 filter insert between light engine and reticle allows inserting color correction filters with a thickness up to 4.6mm.

To evenly illuminate an image circle of 60mm diameter Chrosziel uses a sophisticated condenser-free mirror system allowing higher light efficiency as well as effective and constant light distribution. The built-in light source consists of a LED pad with 5,000K color temperature and can be operated in a high mode or low setting for bright high-speed lenses.

Two possibilities for altering the back-focus are available: manually or via the integrated motorization. The user can control it via cable or any established lens control systems on the market like the MagNum. The optionally available laser rangefinder allows the lens technician to precisely determine the distance between reticle and projection screen. The integrated 19mm rods support lenses with a weight up to 26.46lbs. (12 kilogram).

The Lens Test Projector P-TP7 lifts lens testing onto the next level. Compared with the P-TP6 the P-TP7 offers even more elaborate features: due to the bigger image sensors of today’s and future cameras the Eclair C mount of the P-TP6 was replaced by the quick release large format base mount with built-in electronics. To evenly illuminate this image circle up to 60mm diameter Chrosziel researched and engineered a sophisticated condenser-free mirror system in cooperation with ARRI.

Due to the tray inserts the adjustment range for the back focal length measurement was extended from +1.3mm to -1.3mm to +1.3mm to -3.7mm. The reticle has a non-rotating safeguard and offers a precision below 1/3° allowing a precise service of zoom and anamorphic lenses. The lens data and lens port sockets in the front plate grant access to meta data, lens data or control.

The lens service technician can operate the back focus manually with the friction clutch protected rotary knob, via cable connected remote control or via wireless FIZ with digital read out. Especially the wireless FIZ control comes in handy to control focus, iris, zoom, and back-focus adjustment, even for marketing purposes directly on the screen. The gooseneck LED working light is dimmable and offers multicolor selection.

Hard to notice: like the P-TP6 the P-TP7 is nearly inaudible and emits minimal heat.

Timm Stemann, Chief Officer Product, Marketing and Sales is excited: “Based on decade-long experience in developing lens test instruments the Chrosziel projector offers unprecedented quality and market leading precision. In the long term, the projector guarantees high investment security to rental houses and independent lens test service providers. Due to the extensive versatility and newly designed electronic multiport it is absolutely future-proof.”

What’s in the box

Besides the lens test projector P-TP7 there is a remote control with cable, the multicolor LED gooseneck working light, the measurement gauge with 1μm scale, the lens support, two 19mm rods, three power cable for US, EU, and UK grids as well as a printed manual.


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